Gaia is Mother Earth, and the oldest of the goddesses. She is the primal essence of the Earth and the personification of the "all-mother", she who gives and takes life.  Gaia is regarded as all-producing and all-nourishing.

Gaia sprang from Chaos, and in turn bore the sea (Pontus), mountains (Ourea), and sky (Uranus) from herself.  She married Uranus and their children are the Titans, the Cyclopes, and the Giants.

Even though Gaia was one of the most prominent figures in the earliest myths, Mother Earth suffered a greatly diminished status with the eventual transfer of power to patriarchal societies. 

Gaia was at one time the supreme goddess, whose majesty was acknowledged not only by humans but also by the gods themselves. Later, when the victorious dynasty of the Olympians was established, her prestige was not lessened. 

It was still Gaia whom the gods invoked when they made oaths: 

"I swear by Gaia and the vast sky above her".

Today, Gaia is regarded as both an individual being and a personified conceptual entity representing the original life force of Earth.  She continues to be revered as Goddess of the living Earth and is essentially, the GODDESS OF WICCA.